Remove Cobwebs And Grime From An Aluminum Fence's Surface

If the aluminum fence that surrounds your property is covered with cobwebs and grime, learn how to clean it with the following steps. After finishing, restore shine to the fence by rubbing aluminum polish into its surface.  Materials long-handled sponge mop nylon stocking scissors mild detergent water bucket mixing stick non-abrasive sponge water hose aluminum polish buffing pad lint-free cloths Remove Cobwebs And Surface Stains Use scissors to remove one of the feet from a pair of nylon stockings.

Tips For Avoiding Neighbor Problems When Building A New Fence

They say that fences make good neighbors, but they can also lead to problems. This is especially true if you don't take the time to do a bit of planning and research first. The following tips can help you avoid neighborly disputes and ensure you build the right kind of fence the first time. Tip #1: Know Your Property Line It's your job to know where the property line really lies before you begin to install a fence, even if your current neighbors don't have any issues with a lax interpretation of the line.