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Remove Cobwebs And Grime From An Aluminum Fence's Surface

If the aluminum fence that surrounds your property is covered with cobwebs and grime, learn how to clean it with the following steps. After finishing, restore shine to the fence by rubbing aluminum polish into its surface. 


  • long-handled sponge mop
  • nylon stocking
  • scissors
  • mild detergent
  • water
  • bucket
  • mixing stick
  • non-abrasive sponge
  • water hose
  • aluminum polish
  • buffing pad
  • lint-free cloths

Remove Cobwebs And Surface Stains

Use scissors to remove one of the feet from a pair of nylon stockings. Pull the stocking piece over the end of a sponge mop. Move the mop over the parts of the fence that are covered with cobwebs. The cobwebs will stick to the nylon surface. Fill a bucket with water and add a small amount of mild detergent to it. Mix the two components until suds appear.

Dip a non-abrasive sponge into the cleaning solution and wipe it over the fence's surface to remove stains. Use firm pressure to loosen dried on dirt. Rinse the fence off with a steady stream of water when finished and wait for the aluminum to dry.

Restore Shine To The Fence's Surface

If the aluminum has a dull surface, aluminum polish will restore its shine. Pour a few drops of aluminum polish onto a buffing cloth. Apply the cloth to one corner of the fence. Move the cloth around in small circles as you apply pressure to the back of it. Add more polish to the cloth as needed and continue adding it to the fence's surface until all of the aluminum has been treated.

Once the polish has a hazy appearance, wipe the aluminum off with a lint-free cloth. As part of the cloth becomes covered with polish, switch to a clean section of the cloth. You may need to use a couple cloths to remove all of the excess polish.

Maintain The Aluminum

Keep the aluminum fence maintained on a regular basis in order to cut down on the amount of time that it will take you to clean it in the future. If you notice any surface stains, spot treat them as soon as you can. Remove cobwebs when they become apparent. Always use non-abrasive materials when cleaning the aluminum so that scratches do not appear in it. These steps will help keep the fence looking great.

In the future, add a new coat of polish to the fence's surface when it appears dull. The polish will provide a protective barrier that will prevent staining and will give the fence a well-cared for appearance. For more tips about aluminum fencing, visit Affordable Fence & Screen.