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3 Options For Installing A Fence For Your Dog When You Rent

If you have a dog, you might like the idea of installing a fence so that it can go outside without you having to worry about it leaving the yard. This might seem like a no-brainer, but things can get more complicated if you rent. Luckily, you do have options, so consider these three potential options for doing so.

1. Talk to Your Landlord

If you have not yet talked to your landlord about installing a fence on your rental property, you might be surprised by how well the conversation might go. A fence is a pretty good improvement to the property, so the landlord might even be willing to pay for it or split the cost with you. If not, your landlord still might allow you to install a fence, but you will probably have to leave it behind when you move. Even though you might not like the idea of paying for a fence for a property that does not belong to you, it can be a good option if you want to keep your pet safe and secure. If you talk to a fencing contractor about affordable options, you may be able to find something that won't be too expensive, such as a chain link fence.

2. Purchase an Outdoor Dog Kennel

You can purchase an outdoor dog kennel that is made out of chain link fencing. Basically, these kennels look much like any other fenced-in area, although they are much smaller than your average lawn. You should be able to take the kennel with you when you move out of your rental, making it a very good option. They come in different sizes, so choosing a larger one might provide your dog with all of the space that it needs.

3. Consider an Invisible Fence

Another option is to purchase an invisible fence. As the name suggests, this is a "fence" that you can't actually see at all. Instead, it uses a wire that is buried under the ground, which gives a mild shock to your dog's collar if it crosses the boundary. With a bit of training, this can encourage your dog to stay in your yard without the need for an actual fence. It can be a good option if your landlord does not like the idea of a fence.

As you can see, just because you live in a rental does not mean that you don't have options for securing your dog outdoors. Try one of these three options for keeping your pet safe, and you might find a great solution. For more information, contact local professionals like Crown Fence Co.