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Remove Mildew Stains From A Vinyl Railing And Prevent Future Mildew Growth

If mildew streaks are visible on the surface the vinyl railing that surrounds your home's balcony, remove them by completing the steps below. Once finished, take measures to prevent mildew from forming on the vinyl again.


  • vinyl tarps
  • rubber gloves
  • bleach
  • water hose
  • bucket
  • mixing stick
  • scrubbing pad
  • mineral spirits
  • detergent
  • towels
  • railing cover

Remove The Mildew Stains

Cover the floor of the balcony with vinyl tarps to protect it from the cleaning solution. Add a tarp to the ground that is directly below the balcony as well. When you rinse away the cleaning solution, grass or plants won't be exposed to harsh chemicals. Put on a pair of rubber gloves. Fill a small bucket with equal parts of bleach and water. Stir the contents in the bucket until they are thoroughly mixed.

Apply the bleach and water mixture to each mildew stain with a scrubbing pad. Press the back of the pad firmly as you move it rapidly back and forth over each stain. If any of the stains are dark in color and aren't responding to the bleach and water mixture, pour a few drops of mineral spirits onto a clean pad. Apply the pad to each stain, and move the cleaning tool back and forth. Add a few more drops of mineral spirits if needed. Rinse the railing off with a water hose once all of the stains have been eliminated.

Clean The Railing And Protect It From Mildew Stains

Make a cleaning solution to clean the entire railing by filling a bucket with water and adding a small amount of detergent to it. Clean the railing's surface with a scrub brush and the cleaning solution. Rinse the railing off when finished, and dry the vinyl surface with a towel.

In the future, you can minimize the risk of mildew stains by taking a couple preventive measures. If you live in a humid climate or an area that is susceptible to a lot of rainfall, dry the railing off occasionally to prevent the vinyl surface from becoming moist and providing a favorable area for mildew to grow. If you are not going to be home or do not plan on using the balcony for an extended amount of time, purchase a railing cover to place over the vinyl railing. 

Covers are fitted and will not diminish the beauty of your property. If one is used during inclement weather, moisture will not be able to penetrate. Using these basic tips will prevent mildew stains and will help keep the vinyl railing in excellent shape.

Contact a company like Bracci Fence Inc to learn more about keeping a railing mildew-free.