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4 Less Conventional Wood Materials To Use For A Unique And Durable Wood Fence

If you want to have a wood fence installed around your home, some of the materials that are conventionally use include cedar and treated pine materials, which are affordable and standard. If you want a durable wood fence with a unique look, you may want to consider using some alternatives like tropical hardwood, oak and plastic composite lumbers. Here are some of the less conventional materials that you may want to consider using for your wood fence:

1. A Unique Finished Look With Common Oak Materials

Oak materials are commonly used for flooring and other features inside your home, but they can also be used for exterior fencing and other materials. If you want to have an oak fence, you will probably want to use white oak, which will be more durable and resistant to rot than red oak and other species, as well as less expensive. You can use colored stains to get the look of different materials if you want the look of red oak.

2. Tropical Hardwoods Like Ipe For A Durable Fence

Tropical hardwoods can be another great choice for fencing, which there are many different choices of these materials. Ipe is a good choice because it is affordable and often comes from sources that use sustainable forestry practices. These woods are also resistant to insects and decay and will last for many years with a minimal amount of maintenance.

3. Composite Lumbers For An Affordable Low-Maintenance Fencing Solution

Composite materials made from plastics and recycled waste may be another good choice for your wood fence. This is an extremely low-maintenance material that can be great for many applications. It can be an affordable solution for a tropical wood look for your fence if using tropical hardwood is too costly due to the size of the fence.

4. Cypress For Durable Fencing In Moist, Humid Climates

The cypress can be another great choice for an alternative material for your fence. This can be a good material for a natural wood look that will withstand moist conditions. If you want more texture and unique features, look for pecky cypress or dead head cypress, which is a species with voids in the middle, which creates unusual pitting and textures in the milled lumber.

These are some of the less conventional materials that you may want to consider using for your new wood fencing. If you are ready to have a fence installed for your home, contact a fencing service and talk with them about some of these materials for a durable fence with a unique custom look.