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Tips For Choosing A Driveway Gate

A fence is a great way to add security and privacy to your home, but if your driveway is wide open, how secure or private is your property, really? Installing a gate to close off your driveway is a great way to correct the problem. Here are a handful of tips that can assist you with choosing the best driveway gate for your home.


The first factor you want to consider is the style of your fence. While it's not necessary to choose a gate that matches the design of your fence exactly, you do want to at least choose a complimentary style. For example, a wood fence would look great with a wrought iron driveway gate.

A vinyl or chain-link style driveway gate would not be complimentary given this scenario. For a more dramatic look, try to keep the height of the gate slightly taller than the actual fence. This will create a focal point and enhance your home's curb appeal.   

Opening Style

When choosing an opening style for your gate, the space around the driveway will offer you all the cues you need. Take a driveway with 10 feet of clearance on each side, for example. Any non-parting, swing gate that is longer than 10 feet would not work because there would not be enough room for it to fully open.

A bi-parting gate that opens from the middle and swings open or a sliding gate would be a better option. How you will enter through the driveway gate is also important. For a straight approach, any opening style is fine. Should you have to enter the gate at an angle because of a curved driveway, a bi-parting gate will be a better option.

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Make sure you are also considering the manner in which the driveway gate will operate. You have two options – manual or automatic. In terms of cost, the manual gate is going to be a more economical investment. However, in the event of inclement weather, remember that you will physically need to exit your vehicle and open or close the gate.

In addition to weather concerns, this can also raise concerns when it comes to your safety should be required to exit the vehicle. An automatic gate can work with a keypad or a remote control device that you can keep in your car, offering greater convenience and security.

When it comes to getting the best, long-term function out of your driveway gate, you need to choose wisely. An installation tech can also assist you with this process.