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Three Cautions For Dog Owners With Privacy Fences

A privacy fence is a must for most dog owners. However, any fence can give dog owners a false sense of security. Whether you have a large dog or a small dog, there are three things you must keep in mind when you let your pooch out in your fenced yard to play. The following precautions will keep your dog safe in the comfort of his own outdoor home.

1. Keep the Gate Locked

First, make sure the gate to your fence is always locked. An unlocked gate can easily be blown open by the wind. A lock will keep the gate closed and keep your furry friend inside the boundaries of his yard. A lock will also keep others out of your yard. This can include innocent, curious children, or people that want to do harm to your dog. The number of pet thefts is on the rise; common reasons pets are stolen are financial reasons. Common reasons that thieves steal dogs are to collect on an offered reward, for resale to other pet owners, for sale to research labs or for use in dog-fighting enterprises. 

2. Train Your Dog

You should also give your dog some quality training when you first introduce him to his privacy fence. Some dogs may see a fence as a challenge and learn to jump the fence or climb over it. Show your dog where the boundaries of his kingdom are. Sit with him every time he is outside for a few days to reinforce the boundaries and help him learn. Praise him for being good and staying within the limits you have set for him. Some simple training will allow you to leave your pooch out in the yard to play for short periods of time without worry.

3. Supervise Your Dog

Once you feel comfortable that your dog can be a responsible canine citizen when out in the yard, it can be tempting to put him out to play and go on about your business. You trust that he will be safe. However, as with a child, you should check on your dog every five to ten minutes to ensure that he isn't into any mischief. You should also provide plenty of shade and fresh water for him, no matter the temperature. If it is especially cold out, limit your dog's exposure to the elements to short periods of five to ten minutes, then bring him in the house. Even though dogs have nice, furry coats, they are still susceptible to frostbite and other cold weather maladies.

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