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Reasons To Buy A PVC Fence Over A Wooden One

Fences can be a great addition to a backyard to give yourself privacy or simply mark off the property lines. While they add both functionality and beauty to a yard, they will also be costly between the installation and regular maintenance required. If you want a fence that is high quality but low in maintenance, consider using PVC fencing over the wood alternatives.

PVC Fencing Is Impermeable

Wood is natural and biodegradable, which results in the material being susceptible to potential damage from insects or the sun. When wood fencing starts fading, it needs to be stained to restore its original beauty. You'll also have to inspect the material from time to time to make sure that it is not infested with insects, and eliminate them with pesticides if necessary. Even if you do all the proper maintenance, you still will battle time as the material naturally degrades.

For fencing that requires minimal maintenance, PVC is the material you've been looking for. The color of PVC fencing is mixed into the material as it is being molded, which results in the color being throughout the entire fence. It will not lose its color from the wear and tear of being under the sun every single day. At most, you'll need to wash the fence when it becomes dirty.

PVC Fencing Is Durable

If you need a fence to hold up to various harsh conditions, you cannot go wrong with PVC. The material is flexible, which makes PVC a great choice if your home is in an area that has extreme rain and winds. These conditions can easily cause a wood fence to collapse. The durability makes PVC fencing an ideal choice for those trying to contain pets to their yard, since they won't be able to break through it.

PVC Fencing Is Easy To Install

Wood fence comes in premade panels, and you will need to make various cuts on each panel to make them fit into the contours of your yard, which may have some tricky measurements. PVC fencing comes in a kit, with each picket of the fence interlocking with the one next to it. It makes conforming the fence to your terrain a breeze, since you won't have to deal with cutting large sections of fence to get it to fit properly.

If you need help installing PVC fencing, you can always get a professional like Mills Fence to install it for you. You can put that money you'll save in maintenance over the years towards the installation.