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How To Identify A High-Quality Welded Wire Fence

Welded wire fencing does a good job of keeping animals inside (or outside) of your yard, and it is an affordable means of forming a barrier between your land and other's land. Unfortunately, not all welded wire fencing is created equal. A low-quality welded wire fence may begin to snap apart, corrode, or bend within just a few years, whereas a better quality one will stay functional and attractive for years to come. Read on to learn how to identify a high-quality welded wire fence.

Look for a well established manufacturer.

You take a risk buying from a new, un-established company.  While the fencing might be just fine, it is hard to know for sure how long it will last if the company does not have a long track record of customers who have verified that their fencing has lasted for "x" number of years. Thus, your first step in looking for a high-quality welded wire fence should be to look for a reputable, established manufacturer to buy from. A company with brand recognition has a brand to protect; they're less likely to sell you a low-quality product because doing so could hurt their image.

Check the wire gauge.

The term "gauge" refers to the thickness of the wire. The lower the gauge, the thicker the wire – and thus the less likely it will be to bend or fall apart prematurely. Wire fencing generally comes in gauges between 12 and 18. Choose as low a gauge as you can afford; a 12-gauge wire fence is generally pretty sturdy, but will cost a bit more than a 14 or 16-gauge.

Look for a zinc finish.

Steel is the main material used to make welded wire fences. However, uncoated steel will corrode rather quickly. The higher-quality welded wire fences are generally coated with zinc, as this will help prevent them from corroding when exposed to wind, rain and the elements. Zinc-coated steel is often referred to as galvanized steel. The galvanization process can be conducted before or after the wire pieces that comprise the fence are welded together. Those that are galvanized after welding are likely to be a bit stronger than those that are galvanized before.

If you can find a galvanized wire fence in a low gauge from a reputable manufacturer, you should not have to worry about replacing that fence for many years. Talk to a fencing company, such as Phoenix Fence, Co., to learn more.