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Your Chain Link Fence Can Be A Natural Looking Privacy Fence

If you have a chain link fence around the border of your yard, you may wish it had a more natural look to it while adding to your property's security and privacy. There are many ways you can add that natural look to your fence so you can achieve the desired effect. You will find some tips for how you can add that natural look to the fencing in this article.

Grow foliage along the fence

You can grow a variety of foliage along the chain link fencing to hide it better and give the yard a well-manicured and natural look. When some people think of growing foliage along the fence, they picture vines. However, you have many other options as well. You can plant hedges a couple of feet from the fence and they will grow full and become the focus of attention, rather than the fence itself.

Use bamboo rolls

Bamboo rolls are also a good way to keep others from seeing clearly into your yard in a way that adds a nice touch of nature to it at the same time. One of the big benefits of using bamboo rolls is how easy they are to add to the fence. Because they come in rolls, you can start at one end of the fence, attach the roll to that end and roll it along the length of the fence, using the ties to secure it in place every few feet. Bamboo is especially a good choice if you are trying to achieve a botanical style of landscaping.

Wooden slats

Wooden slats can also help you to achieve that natural look and protect your privacy in the yard. These are also easy to put on the fence, but they are a bit more time consuming than the bamboo rolls. This is due to the fact that you will have to run them through the chain link. You can go with a diagonal design or up and down. Wooden slats come in different shades so you can give the fence a light natural look or a dark look.

While the methods listed above will help you add a natural look and increase your privacy, each one of them can still be seen through if a person were to stand directly in front of the fence and peak through. A chain link fence is a very versatile one since you do have so many options to choose from with it.