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Add Paint And A Clear Protective Finish To An Aluminum Fence

If the aluminum fence that surrounds your home has a dull surface that contains small scratches, add a coat of paint and a clear finish to its surface to improve the way that it looks and protect it from damage in the future. The following steps will instruct you on how to complete this repair so that the end result is satisfying.


  1. sandpaper (coarse/fine grit)
  2. hand sander 
  3. water hose
  4. industrial strength detergent
  5. bucket
  6. sponge mop
  7. handheld scrub brush
  8. tarps
  9. painter's tape
  10. exterior spray paint
  11. clear protective finish

​Remove Scratches And Dirty Residue From The Surface

Attach a piece of coarse grit sandpaper to a hand sander. Add a small amount of water to the paper's surface so that it is slightly damp. The water will make it easier for you to slide the hand sander across the fence's surface. Move the sander back and forth over each scratch while using firm pressure. Once the scratches have faded, attach a piece of fine grit paper to the hand sander and move it over the same areas.

Use a sponge mop that has been dipped into soapy water to remove dirty residue from the fence's surface. If any spots are difficult to remove with the mop, use a handheld scrub brush to eliminate them. Rinse the aluminum surface off with a hose and wait for it dry.

Add Paint And A Clear Protective Finish

Apply pieces of painter's tape to hardware, latches, and trim on the fence that you do not want to cover with paint. Place a tarp on each side of the fence to protect the ground's surface. Apply an even layer of exterior spray paint to the fence's surface, beginning in one corner. Work from top to bottom as you apply the paint and continue moving over until the entire aluminum surface is covered. After the paint has dried, add a second coat if desired.

Once the paint has dried, add a coat of clear protective finish over the painted surface. The coat of finish will prevent the paint from fading or peeling when it is exposed sunlight or moisture. It will also help maintain the shininess of the fence's surface. Wait the recommended amount of time for the clear finish to dry. Once this occurs, remove the painter's tape. The fence will provide your property with an attractive border. Keep it maintained in the future by removing surface dirt with soapy water and a mop, followed by a thorough rinse with a water hose.

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