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Complete Your Project With Complete Support - Additional Items Available From Your Roofing Supply Company

Whether you're a private homeowner attempting to limit costs by conducting your own repair or the owner of a professional roofing firm looking to secure a supplier of bulk materials, your roofing supply company can play an incredibly important role in the process. However, many people only look to their roofing supplier for shingles and lumber without realizing the vast expanse of other options available to them.

Below, you'll find a guide to some other items which are commonly available from your roofing supply company. With this knowledge, you'll have the confidence to consolidate your roofing operation and build a strong, professional relationship that allows materials to flow freely into any job you need them for.

Safety Equipment

Regardless of the height or pitch of the roof you're working on, it's essential that you have access to the most modern and effective safety equipment. While ladders and restraints play important roles, even smaller items like knee pads can go a long way toward reducing the stress on the body caused by roofing.

Your roofing supply company is likely to have a full kit of safety equipment available for sale or, in many cases, for rent. The rental option can be especially attractive for private homeowners who may otherwise be tempted to cut corners in order to avoid investing in equipment which they believe they'll never use again.


Whether you need staples, screws, or adhesive, your new roofing material will only be as effective as the methods you use to hold it in place. Many people will invest significant sums in a quality new roof while simultaneously neglecting to correctly hold it in place, creating the potential for a major issue and a failing structure.

Ordering your fasteners from the same place you order your roofing materials can be an extremely smart decision, as it will allow you to work with the sales staff to guarantee you've selected the proper products. Once again, integrating the process means streamlining it as well, and purchasing fasteners as a unit with materials may even lead to bulk discounted prices.

Measuring Equipment

Guaranteeing correct placement and proper securing of a new roof can be a difficult challenge, and it requires precise measurement which may be difficult for an amateur to conduct with commonly-available tools. Your roofing supply company can provide you with laser-guided measuring tools along with other precise implements which are designed to guarantee an accurate day's work that will provide you with the long term protection you desire.

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